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Librarian Shares Passion and Activities for Books and Community

   Librarian Kris Spiegelberg is passionate about the many resources offered by the Pollock Pines Public Library and shares her enthusiasm readily with library guests.  From the modest past to present, updated services and resources, Kris, quite simply, loves her job.

   “I like the history of how our little Library came to be. With five main people and their big intentions that left a legacy and a beneficial focal point within our community,” she says. “I always say we might be the smallest Branch in the system, but we have the biggest of intentions.    Our Library attracts many people with the same outlook, whether they are visitors or helpers, every single person that steps through these doors is keeping our Library thriving.”

    This positive attitude makes the local library a valuable resource that continues to change and grow. For Kris, it is also a reflection of her own experience. “I was a book worm as a child and went to the Library weekly. When I was in high school I was excited to be selected to work at the school library shelving books and other tasks, it was like a candy store for me,” she remembers.  “ The library was a place I felt safe and comfortable. It was where I could explore and learn anything that my heart desired.”  

    Visitors to the Pollock Pines Library will find Kris’s personal

experience carries over to her cherished profession.

Learn, Adventure, Enjoy
with Special Programs

   Thanks to our Pollock Pines Librarian, Kris Spiegelberg, and a host of FOL and community volunteers, a range of activities are happening throughout the year - from educational to entertaining!

   Young readers are invited to Story Time and arts and crafts activities, plus talks by experts on topics of interest to local kids. 

   Adults enjoy talks by regional authors and lectures from experts on topics from wildlife to astronomy and much more. 

   Check with your librarian to learn what's scheduled at 530.644.2498. Or email lib-pp@edcgov.us.

Pollock Pines Librarian

Kris Spiegelberg

Every visitor to the library is treated as a guest – from the youngest children to the most experienced readers. Kris has also facilitated the growth of the library’s activities, offering many new programs for youngsters that emphasize the skills demanded in today’s digital world along with opportunities to engage in creative and educational activities.

   “I appreciate how this Library has evolved and changed through the years,” says Kris. “Sometimes at a continuum pace and other times without delay based on needs within this community, while still cultivating a place for visitors to elevate and improve their lives via materials for use, internet access, outreach, connecting with resources, and providing help in times of need.”

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Check out the EDC Library Calendar for what Your Pollock Pines Library has to offer you and your family!  HERE!!

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